Tacky Flydrophobic SD Box

Tacky Fly Boxes - Flydrophobic SD

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From Tacky Fly Fishing from the USA comes their latest product - THE FLYDROPHOBIC SD BOX.

This amazing NEW box is designed to actually BREATHE as well as being waterproof - allowing your patterns to dry out whilst still in the fly box!

* The box offers a waterproof system to keep water from entering the box - the venting system on the top of the box allows water to evaporate through the actual box.

* Latchless waterproof closure.

* Holds up to 100 flies using molded silicone slits.

A cool looking fly box - constructed from blue polycarbonate with a red breathable fabric under the venting system that looks like fish skin!

The box measures about 7 inches by 4 inches and 1 inch thick.

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