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Created by two talented Yorkshire fly fishermen - Darrell Upton and Richard Fieldhouse - comes the MagMini.

This is essentially a "fly patch" - and is possibly the best way to store and dry your flies whilst on the water!

Your fly patterns stick securely to the MagMini as it contains four very powerful magnets.

It can be attached to your Vest, Pack or Waders via the carabiner or magnetically. The designers have made sure that each component of the MagMini is made to the highest standards, using the best quality materials available.

I firmly believe that this accessory is the first of it's kind on the market where stunning design meets un-rivalled usability.

There are so many uses for this superb little tool: Since launching the 'MagMini' we have found there are numerous areas where it really excells:

Holding Flies - What it was originally designed for!

Used as a Day Fly Box - One side for dries, and one for nymphs

For Competition Use - All the flies you need, to hand immediately.

Holding Droppers - So they don't tangle when changing flies

Storing Beads & Hook - when flytying.

The MagMini comprises of three elements:

Mini's - One of each colour (White and Green). Made from a "soft touch" TPE, this is the part which holds your flies securely.

MagHub - The metal plate which the Mini's connect to. Made from a non-corrosive steel which can be used near water without fear of discolouration.

Carabiner - Small but very strong, made from marine grade stainless steel.

Assembling your MagMini is pretty straight forward, just remember to slide the Mini's onto the MagHub. For a stronger attachment make sure the logos are aligned opposite each other.

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