Fish Skulls

Fish Skulls / Baitfish Heads

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Tan Baitfish
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From the Flymen Company of the USA comes FISH SKULLS™ / BAITFISH HEADS,designed to mimic the head, eyes and gill plates of a baitfish, producing a more realistic looking profile, the head typically "pushes more water" than traditional flies.

  • Made from a 100% lead free metal composite material that is guaranteed to be corrosion free for up to 80 hours in saltwater.
  • A unique design feature places the centre of gravity and 70% of the weight of the Fish-Skull™ slightly below the hook shank producing a "keeling" effect similar to a dumbbell. The keel helps the fly track and orientate in the correct position, enabling you to tie in either the hook down or the hook up position.
  • Acting as an important "trigger" for predatory game fish, a full set of 3D eyes is included with the Fish-Skull™ heads.
  • Fish-Skulls™ have a Chromax™ anodized coating providing colour, flash and durability.
  • Seven baitfish colours are available, to match almost any colour of natural or synthetic fly tying material:

    Blue Baitfish– a very light and bright "silvery blue" finish suitable for imitating ocean forage fish like blue back herrings or small freshwater minnows.

    Coppertone– a copper colour that can be very versatile in matching many colour materials such as crawfish rusty brown.

    Dark Grey– essentially a dark charcoal or black colour, this is a good choice for most dark flies such as black-and-purple or all-black streamers.

    Golden Chartreuse– a gold skull with a distinctive chartreuse (green) shade. Perfect for matching with white, chartreuse, green and olive colored materials.

    Pinkie Purple Pearl– Great colour for many saltwater baitfish patterns or bright steelhead or "flesh" colored Alaska style streamers.

    Silver Baitfish– the perfect colour for matching any silver or white baitfish.

    Tan Baitfish– a "bronze" finish i.e. a golden tan colour which is very versatile matching most sand, tan and brown tones.

  • Simply tie in all materials first, superglue thread wraps and fit Fish-Skull™ from front, finish off by tying a small thread-dam between the skull and the hook eye.
  • Fish-Skull are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small for hook sizes # 10, #8, #6, #4. - 10 per pack
    * Small / Medium for hook sizes #4, #2 and #1 - 8 per pack
    • Medium for hook sizes #2, #1, #1/0 - 8 per pack
    • Large for hook sizes # 1/0, #2/0, #3/0, #4/0 - 6 per pack
  • (Due to the wide variance in hook sizes and shapes between the different hook manufacturers, this only provides general guidance to the hook sizes suitable for each size skull.



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