FDlexible Tungsten Shrimps

Flexible Tungsten - Shrimp Bodies

Size Amount
Flexible Tungsten SHRIMPS- 2 mm
Flexible Tungsten SHRIMPS - 2.5 mm
Flexible Tungsten SHRIMPS - 3 mm
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Originating from Germany and imported by Chevron Hackles comes this amazing material - "FLEXIBLE TUNGSTEN" SHRIMP BODIES.

These bodies allows easy placement and fixing onto your hook as the material "gives" - it is flexible and can mold to the shape of the hook.

The easiest method is to place the shrimp back onto a curved hook and add a dab of superglue then add colour if required.

Alternatively, fix onto the hook shank and then tie your fly over the body.

The material can also be cut to size if required - and of course adds weight!

Available in a dull grey - the material can be coloured by first coating with a white Zig paint pen then coloured as required.

20 Bodies per pack

2 mm - £7.40 2.5 mm - £ 7.40 3 mm - £ 7.95

Simply brilliant, so much easier to create shrimp patterns using this product. Use micro straggle for legs and less fuss and frustration then other patterns.
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