Half Beads

Half Beads

Bead Colour\Bead Size 2.4 mm 2.8 mm 3.2 mm 3.8 mm
Half Beads - BLACK
Half Beads - BLUE
Half Beads - BROWN
Half Beads - COPPER
Half Beads - GOLD
Half Beads - HOT OLIVE
Half Beads - HOT ORANGE
Half Beads - HOT PINK
Half Beads - LIGHT PINK
Half Beads - PURPLE
Half Beads - RED
Half Beads - SILVER
Half Beads - WHITE
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From the Flytying Materials Manufacturer MFE of Italy comes these revolutionary Tungsten Half beads.

They are literally "half beads" - which clip together to give you multiple colour combinations for use on bead head fly patterns.

Even when a single colour finish is desired, these half beads are applied to the hook ONE AT A TIME- they easily fit a broader range of hook brands, models and sizes not possible with the standard beads.

This choice of hooks and bead sizes will allow for an expanded range of profiles available to you.

Their innovative interior design allows them to 'mate' once applied to the hook shank which locks them in place preventing the flat faces from sliding on each other – establishing a nice clean line between colours and a nice round spherical bead.

It is not necessary now to have a larger tapered rear hole or drilled out portion as with the standard bead in order to accommodate the hook bends which allows us to have the smaller bore throughout the entire bead.

All the colours are anodized into the beads so no fear of colours chipping off!

The beads are available in sizes 2.4 mm, 2.8 mm, 3.2 mm and 3.8 mm -10 halves per pack so two packs equal 10 full beads.

Remember that you do need to match the same size of half bead to half bead

It is wonderful to find a new product that is completely original and is not a substitute, for a substitute, for a substitute etc. These half beads are very cleverly designed and very well manufactured, with the two halves locking together easily with practice. There is not the massive recess that you have to fill up at the rear of most beads in order to lock them in securely. These half beads are also easier to thread on to your hook of choice than standard beads. The range of colours and sizes offered within this range offer endless tying permutations. Amongst other flies I have tied up some great looking weighted buzzers using these tungsten half beads: the front half bead being white to suggest the breathers and the rear half can either match the rest of the body, create a hot spot or using an orange half bead suggest the flush of blood in an emerging buzzers. Just let your imagination run riot, I am sure that these beads will open up a proliferation of fly tying opportunities!
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