Super Fine Dubbing

Super Fine Dubbing - SELECTION BOX

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From Wapsi Flytying of the USA comes SUPER FINE DRY FLY DUBBING.

This is probably the finest (size) dubbing available - 1.5" staple length and a 1.2 denier.

It has been waterproofed and is perfect for dry fly bodies.

It is extremely easy to work with and is perfect for dry patterns as small a a size 28.

The dubbing is created from a man- made material so will not soak up water - even the tightest of dubbed bodies will float well.

There are TWO selection boxes contains the following blends - offering you very natural looking colours:


Black, Brown, Blue Dun, Blue Winged Olive, Amber, Light Cahill, Mahogany, Brown Olive, Adams Grey, Olive, Pale Evening Dun, Hendrickson Pink.


BWO, Golden Olive, Flo' Charteuse, Sulphur Orange, Pale Yellow, Pale Morning Dun, Rusty Brown, Dark Tan, Brown Olive, Gray Olive, Cinnamon Caddis, Tan.

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