NZ Wool

N Z Strike Indicator Tool - Wool

Colour Amount
NZ Strike Wool - Black
NZ Strike Wool - Green
NZ Strike Wool - Orange
NZ Strike Wool - White
NZ Strike Wool - Mixed Pack
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From Barry Dombro of New Zealand comes his superb invention - the NZ STRIKE INDICATOR TOOL - EXTRA WOOL.

Barry has specially sourced and dyed a 100% natural wool that works extremely well in a variety of conditions.

Having researched dozens of wool types and synthetics, this particular wool has been specially selected because of it's wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast.

This ultimate wool provides a "no-spook" landing and presentation. It fills the indicator sleeve perfectly and can be trimmed to the size you want.

This particular wool has plenty of natural lanolin, however, a tiny dab of Dilly Wax or your favourite floatant on it at the beginning of the day will help it float higher on the water.

The indicator will float all day and casts beautifully – with almost no wind resistance!

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