Alec Jackson Buzzer Hook

Alec Jackson Buzzer Hook

Hook Model :- Size Amount
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 7
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 9
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 11
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 13
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 15
Alec Jackson Buzzer Hooks - 17
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Alec Jackson, born an Englishman, is without doubt one of the the best known American hook designers. His hooks are very traditional looking, copies of models that have become unobtainable in the UK.

All Alec Jackson hooks have the essential features; a very sharp point, smoothly polished finishes on perfectly tempered high carbon steel. They make any "classic" pattern look and perform better.


This is a special designed Chironomid Hook from the master himself - high carbon steel, sticky sharp needle point & mini barb are features of this chemically sharpened Crystal (TM) finish curved hook.

The Crystal(TM) finish is used so that in a diffused light it should be nearly a perfect mirror and reflect it's surroundings completely - making it practically invisible to the fish, unlike a bronzed hook which takes up an olive tone slightly darker than the rest of the water.

High Carbon Steel

Needle Point Mini Barb

Chemically Sharpened

25 hooks per pack

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