Roman Moser RM 29 BL

Roman Moser RM 29 BL - Streamer hooks

Hook Model :- Size Amount
Roman Moser RM 29 BL - 2
Roman Moser RM 29 BL - 4
Roman Moser RM 29 BL - 6
Roman Moser RM 29 BL - 8
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From Roman Moser Products of Austria comes the RM 29 BL STREAMER HOOK.

Personally designed by Roman Moser, this hook offers excellent holding qualities as the bend in the point area is more pronounced than most streamer hooks.

This hook holds like one with a barb, but it can be removed gently from the fish's mouth without significant injury.

The wire diameter is thinner than many other streamer hooks, resulting in better penetration.

The "Black Nickel" finish gives the hook a very smooth surface and gives the metal a springy toughness.

These hooks are ideally suited for both the "Snappy Poodle " and "RM Sculpin" patterns, using the Moser Snap Heads and Moser Sculpin Heads.

These hooks can also be used in salt water.

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