There are so many talented tyers sitting at home, quietly creating some breathtaking patterns and devising new ways of using materials; here's just a few to inspire you ...

Plus - hopefully we all agree that "there is more to fishing than just catching fish" so I have included blogs that are not purely concerned with tying ...

Lindsay SimpsonLINDSAY SIMPSON from Camberley, Surrey has been fly fishing since 1992 and is a passionate fly tyer as well.
He is also a mean photographer; take a look at his blog!

Terry BromwellTERRY BROMWELL, also known on the fishing forums as 'FIshstalker', is a passionate Angler (and a talented tyer) who fishes on his home rivers of Wales...Taff Diaries

Daniel PoppDANIEL POPP is from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales and has a passion for fishing on the small streams in his area.
Take a look at his blog for a fascinating insight into the smallest of brooks and streams in Wales.
small streams addict

Dave WiltshireDAVE WILTSHIRE is from Bristol, England and is both a talented fly tier and fly fisherman.
For Dave, fly fishing and tying flies draw together his interest in the outdoors, science, art and relaxation whilst offering continual, new challenges. More than that – he feels that he never stops learning.
He hopes the blog will allow him to progress even further with this, letting him post his thoughts, creations and findings about the pursuit of catching wild trout and grayling with a fly.
Dave Wiltshire

River Fly BoxAlso from DAVE WITHSHIRE - the "River Fly Box" offering you tutorials to tie some of his favourite patterns that perform well - superbly photographed with step by step instructions.

River Fly Box

Nik Dahlin

Nik Dahlin lives in Storvreta, Sweden and has a passion for tying patterns with stripped quills!
Nik's Blog is an absolute inspiration for anyone who has an interest in classic dry patterns tied in the Catskill style and modern takes on some of the original North Country Spider patterns.

Nik Dahlin's Blog

Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis from South Wales has a passion for crawling around on small streams, fishing for wild trout, sewin, grayling and salmon in beautiful locations.
He also ties a mean fly!

Fishing in South Wales

Matthew Eastham

Take a look at the North Country Angler Blog - which documents the adventures of MATTHEW EASTHAM on the rivers and wild stillwaters of Cumbria and Lancashire.
Matt says that the blog is just a bit of fun really, but hopefully will give you an insight into the fantastic fishing and scenery that he is so lucky to have in the North of England.

North Country Blog of Matt Eastham

Richard BarrettRICHARD BARRETT is retired and lives now in France.
He fishes for trout mainly but also anything that will take a fly.
The blog reports on fly fishing, nature, rivers, entomology, and fishing friends, from a man with a passion for his sport and the countryside around him

A Fly Fisher in France

Andy BairdANDY BAIRD is in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland and has a passion for tying micro patterns.
His Blog is dedicated to the design and tying of sub #20 flies including philosophy, hooks and materials, tools, suppliers, patterns and small fly writing.

Small Fly Funk

Michael Wilkes

MICHAEL WILKES of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire has been flyfishing around the Welsh border country for the last few years using dries,nymphs and bugs to catch the beautiful Brown Trout and Grayling that frequent the rivers of the Marches.
Beautiful little rivers in breathtaking countryside, stunning fish - does it get any better? (Well, it's not Yorkshire but never mind!)

Flyfishers Diary

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