Betfor Resin

Betfor UV Resin

Type\Colour Black Clear Red
Betfor UV Resin - Low Viscosity
Betfor UV Resin - Medium Viscosity
Betfor UV Resin - Thick Viscosity
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From Betfor Flyfish of Poland comes their Betfor UV Resin.

A new name in the flytying World - this resin cures perfectly tack free and hard, using your existing UV torch.

Choose between:

Thin Viscosity - ideal for small patterns and can be used like varnish.

Medium Viscosity - great for Nymph bodies and medium sized patterns.

Thick Viscosity - ideal for large patterns and in place of epoxy.

Each tube contains 15 grams (1/2 ounce) of resin and is supplied with two UV resistant nozzles.

The tubes are made of flexible black plastic and are easy to squeeze to deliver the resin exactly where you require it.

Available in BLACK, CLEAR and RED (Medium only)

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