Hint of Colour Marabou

Marabou - Hint of Colour

Feather Colour Amount
Hint of ... Marabou - Blue
Hint of ... Marabou - Cream
Hint of ... Marabou - Green
Hint of ... Marabou - Grey
Hint of ... Marabou - Olive
Hint of ... Marabou - Pink
Hint of ... Marabou - Orange
Hint of ... Marabou - Yellow
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From Veniard of London, UK comes HINT OF COLOUR MARABOU.

This is Turkey Marabou - but with a difference...

The feathers have been dyed to extremely subtle colours which look very pale and bland when dry - but really come to life when wet.

Try a mixture of the blue and grey feathers for a Cats Whisker variant; the "hint of pink" looks very like Coral when wet (think Woofters); the orange really glows when wet.

Try the "hint of cream" in place of plain white - when wet,it looks almost like butter!

Each pack contains at least 16 plumes, average of 4 inches in length.

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