Fringe Wing

Layered Fringe Wing

Colour Mix Amount
Fringe Wing - FW1 - Blue / Light Pink
Fringe Wing - FW2 - Chartreuse / Mint / Peacock
Fringe Wing - FW3 - Coral / Light Pink
Fringe Wing - FW4 - Coral / Purple / Olive
Fringe Wing - FW5 - Dark Blue / Pearl Blue / Pearl
Fringe Wing - FW6 - Pearl / Chartreuse / Peacock
Fringe Wing - FW7 - Pearl / Flo' Yellow / Chartreuse
Fringe Wing - FW8 - Pearl / Peacock / Dark Blue
Fringe Wing - FW9 - Pearl Blue / Dark Blue / Olive
Fringe Wing - FW10 - Pearl / Flo' Yellow / Olive
Fringe Wing - FW11 - Ultra Violet / Olive / Pearl
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Sourced from the USA and supplied by Veniard of |London comes LAYERED FRINGE WING.

The material consists of 2 to 3 different coloured synthetic ice dub style fibres, fused at the ends to give you a "fringe" of soft, supple but very robust material.

So easy and quick to work with - simply trim a piece off, catch in and either wrap a couple of times around the hook shank, stroking the fibres back after each wrap - or just tie in on top of the shank.

Add some eyes and seal the head with Clear Cure Goo or varnish - a very quick and robust streamer / baitfish pattern.

Ideal for saltwater patterns - the colour mixes are excellent as baitfish imitations - try a small bunch as wings on your Salmon and Sea Trout tube patterns.

Each pack contains two sheets of material.

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