Medallion Sheeting

Medallion Sheeting

Colour Amount
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Brown
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Dark Dun
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Light Dun
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Medium Dun
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Olive
Medallion Sheeting - Buggy Tan
Medallion Sheeting - Clear
Frequent Tyer: 5 points

MEDALLION SHEETING was developed and produced by the very talented fly tyer Shane Stalcup who sadly died recently at a very young age - and the material was subsequently discontinued at that time.

Thankfully, I have now managed to source a supply of Medallion Sheeting!

This is a really great material with many fly tying uses. Makes super realistic wings on dries and wing cases on nymphs.

The material looks like Raffia/Raffene but does not collapse as much when wet - simply either use a River Road cutter or scissors to produce your wing shape and tie in - the material will also take a permanent marker if you wish to add extra colour or spots/speckles.