Mayfly Tails

Mayfly Tails - Micro Fibbets

Colour Amount
Microfibbet Mayfly Tails - Black
Microfibbet Mayfly Tails - Black barred White
Microfibbet Mayfly Tails - Clear / Dun / Cinnamon
Microfibbet Mayfly Tails - Clear / Dun / Cream
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From Hareline Dubbin' of the USA comes MAYFLY MICRO FIBBETS.

These are micro fibbets - but with a difference.

Each fibbet is dyed to give you a very realistic imitation of an insects tail.

Choose between "Black Barred White" (No. 1 in the photo), "Cream/Dun/Gold" (no. 2) "Brown Olive" (No.3) and "Black" (No. 4).

Each fibbet is approx. 2 inches in length (5 cm) and there are literally hundreds of individual fibbets per pack.

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