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Eggstacy NANO

Eggstacy NANO - Micro Chenille - Flybox

Colour Amount
Eggstacy NANO - Black
Eggstacy NANO - Candy Pink
Eggstacy NANO - Claret
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Chartreuse
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Orange
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Pink
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Red
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Sunburst
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' White
Eggstacy NANO - Flo' Yellow
Eggstacy NANO - Golden Olive
Eggstacy NANO - Medium Olive
Eggstacy NANO - Root Beer
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From Fly Box of Perth, Scotland comes this BRAND NEW material - Eggstacy NANO.

Nano is exactly the same as standard Eggstasy but in a tiny 0.8mm fibre size, making it the most versatile version of Eggstasy yet.

It can be used for almost any type of trout fly – use it for hotspots, throats, butts, bodies and even legs on flexi patterns.

The other huge difference that sets Eggstasy apart from other yarns is the fibre itself. Eggstasy is the first material to be made from new 'Next Generation' (NX-Gen Fibre). This material is a game-changer synthetic.

NX-Gen Fibres are micro thin and are designed to trap water forming an almost slush-like texture when wet, almost like a sponge. The fibres themselves are also translucent which allows light to travel through the material.

NX-Gen Fibre has great movement, unlike ordinary egg yarn which remains static. In the water, it looks almost life-like.

Please note – the images show each colour in its wet, slush-state – there is a 30% colour change when wet – so please do not be concerned about the colour in the packet - put it in water and see the colour come alive!

Each pack contains at least 2 metres of material - enough to create literally dozens of patterns.

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