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NEON Mini - Fritz

Fritz Colour Amount
NEON Mini - Baby Pink
NEON Mini - Biscuit
NEON Mini - Chartreuse
NEON Mini - Competition Sunburst
NEON Mini - Flo' Apple
NEON Mini - Flo' Coral
NEON Mini - Flo' Orange
NEON Mini - Flo' Pink
NEON Mini - Flo' Red
NEON Mini - Flo' Sunburst
NEON Mini - Flo' White
NEON Mini - Flo' Yellow
NEON Mini - Olive
NEON Mini - Onyx Black
NEON Mini - S / B Peach
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From Flybox of Perth, Scotland comes this BRAND NEW product - NEON - MINI.

This is a much smaller version of the NEON 10 & 15 fritz is ideal for tying Mini Gem Blobs and HALO Style Blobs..

Also excellent for Wet patterns and river flies such as shrimps for Grayling!

In this material, neon-flashabou fibres replace the traditional translucent fibres – to create a strong, bold, non-translucent colour effect which is 30% brighter at depth than standard blob fritz.

Another key advantage of NEON - mini is that it has been dyed into unique colours that are not possible on a standard translucent material.

The chenille is 5mm wide, at least 6 feet (2 metres) of material per pack.

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