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Sybai Flexi Floss

Flexi Floss - Sybai

Colour Amount
Flexifloss - BLACK
Flexifloss - BLUE
Flexifloss - BRONZE
Flexifloss - BROWN
Flexifloss - CINNAMON
Flexifloss - CRIMSON RED
Flexifloss - DARK BLUE
Flexifloss - DARK OLIVE
Flexifloss - FIERY BROWN
Flexifloss - FLO' CHARTREUSE
Flexifloss - FLO' PINK
Flexifloss - FLO' SALMON
Flexifloss - FLO' YELLOW
Flexifloss - GOLDEN BROWN
Flexifloss - GOLDEN OLIVE
Flexifloss - GREY
Flexifloss - GREEN
Flexifloss - HONEY
Flexifloss - HOT ORANGE
Flexifloss - LIGHT PINK
Flexifloss - LIME GREEN
Flexifloss - OLIVE
Flexifloss - ORANGE
Flexifloss - PALE OLIVE
Flexifloss - PURPLE
Flexifloss - RED
Flexifloss - TRANSPARENT
Flexifloss - VIOLET
Flexifloss - YELLOW
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From Sybai Products of Czech Republic comes their FLEXI FLOSS.

This is a really versatile product - ideal for ribbing, cheeks and bodies on buzzers, legs on patterns - plus many other uses.

The material is made from rubber and slightly crinkled and has a flattened profile.

Although it has a diameter of 1 mm, it stretches down very fine and will cling to itself and the hook shank, making tying patterns without thread very easy.

Try this floss for small Apps Bloodworm patterns - or try tying in two contrasting colours and wrapping them next to each other for a two tone body.

Each pack contains 200cm ( over 6 feet) of floss.

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