Spandex (flexifloss, spanflex)

Spandex (flexifloss, spanflex)

Colour Amount
Flexifloss - Black
Flexifloss - Burgundy
Flexifloss - Chartreuse
Flexifloss - Coral
Flexifloss - Dark Brown
Flexifloss - Dark Claret
Flexifloss - Dark Olive
Flexifloss - Gold
Flexifloss - Green
Flexifloss - Hot Pink
Flexifloss - Lime Green
Flexifloss - Medium Olive
Flexifloss - Orange
Flexifloss - Purple
Flexifloss - Red
Flexifloss - Shrimp Pink
Flexifloss - White
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This is the rubber material we all know as either "FLEXIFLOSS" or "SPANFLEX", supplied in hank form.

The material is pure rubber and slightly crinkled.

This is the ideal material for buzzer body material - it stretches down very fine and will cling to itself and the hook shank, making tying patterns without thread simple.

Finish the pattern with a coat of Clear Cure Goo for a superb bullet proof pattern!

Try this floss for small Apps Bloodworm patterns - or try tying in two contrasting colours and wrapping them next to each other for a two tone body.

Each strand is approximately 12 inches (30cm) in length.

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