Edge Bright

Edge Bright / Laser Wrap

Colour Amount
Edge Bright - Flo' Green
Edge Bright - Flo'. Orange
Edge Bright - Flo'. Pink
Edge Bright - Flo' Red
Edge Bright - Flo' Yellow
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EDGE BRIGHT is a stretchy plastic material that gathers light through its broad side and magnifies it through its narrow edge.

Cut the sheet into narrow strips and wrap the material at the hook bend, slightly overlapping, so that the rear edge of every wrap is exposed. Viewed from the rear, the butt literally glows – a very similar effect as a fibre optic cable when viewed from an exposed end.

The light gathering ability of Edge Bright is enhanced if you lay down an underbody of silver flat or silver holographic tinsel.

Each sheet measures 10" X 3" and is about 1/64th inch thick.