Net Back Foil

Net Back Foil

Skin Colour Amount
Net Back Foil - BROWN
Net Back Foil - GOLD
Net Back Foil - GREEN
Net Back Foil - ORANGE
Net Back Foil - RED
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From Siman Products of the Czech Republic comes NET BACK FOIL.

This material disappeared from the market a couple of years ago but thankfully is now available again!

It is made from a strong clear plastic sheet that has been printed with a net-like pattern.

Easily cut into strips, (keep it on the card backing when you cut your shape then peel off the plastic) it is perfect for the backs of Czech Nymphs and Shrimps / Scuds as well as wing-cases on many types of nymphs.

The foil can also be coloured with permanent markers which will give it a very unique look!

Each sheet measures 2 " x 5 3/4 "

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