Virtual Nymph Flexi Body

Flexi Body

Skin Colour Amount
Flexi Body - Black
Flexi Body - Caddis Grey
Flexi Body - Caddis Green
Flexi Body - Clear
Flexi Body - Dark Olive
Flexi Body - Dark Tan
Flexi Body - Golden Stonefly
Flexi Body - Larva Red
Flexi Body - Light Olive
Flexi Body - Light Tan
Flexi Body - Mayfly Cream
Flexi Body - Medium Olive
Flexi Body - Pink Shrimp
Flexi Body - Stonefly Yellow
Flexi Body - Yellow Olive
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From Virtual Nymph Products of the UK comes FLEXI BODY.

Flexi Body can be used for many patterns such as Czech Nymph backs, wing buds and bodies.

The material is thicker than other similar products which make it better for segmentation when wrapped as an abdomen.

The Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body has 90% memory enabling it to retract.

To make a realistic abdomen, simply tie in, stretch slightly and wrap in overlapping turns then tie off for great segmentation.

The material comes on a backing card - try cutting a strip on that card and colouring the cut edge with a permanent marker before peeling the material off the card - when wrapped, you will gain a superb segmentation.

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