Zelon - Micro

Zelon - Micro

Colour Amount
Zelon - Micro : Amber
Zelon - Micro : Baetis Olive
Zelon - Micro : Black
Zelon - Micro : Ginger
Zelon - Micro : :Light Olive
Zelon - Micro : Mayfly Brown
Zelon - Micro : Midge Grey
Zelon - Micro : Olive Dun
Zelon - Micro : Polar Bear (Ivory)
Zelon - Micro : Tan
Zelon - Micro : White
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In 1985, Blue Ribbon Flies and John Betts purchased the world's supply of raw Zelon from DuPont.

Since that time, it has proven to be one of the most versatile and widespread fly tying materials of all time.

Zelon is a synthetic fibre that is made to hold its shape. The individual fibres do not mat when wet, retaining translucency and lustre.

MICRO ZELON is a finer version of the"standard" material - with more bounce and less bulk, it floats better, ties like a dream and makes very fine bodies when wrapped.

Each indiviual pack contain a hank of material - 10 inches in length.

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