Double Arm Bobbin Holder

Double-Arm Adjustable Bobbin Holder - Tiemco

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From Tiemco Products of Japan comes their Double Arm Adjustable Bobbin Holder.

The design replaces the "master bobbin holder" from Tiemco that was discontinued a couple of years ago.

The innovative design of this bobbin holder holds the thread spool with four stainless wires.

The four wires feel very comfortable in the hand and gives an improved sense of grip.

The ceramic tube can be adjusted vertically to any position to suit your vice height and tying style.

Possibly one of the most elegant, comfortable and well designed bobbin holders available!

Stunning bobbin holder, real quality and a joy to use and the adjustable tube is a great thing.........very sturdy and just feels good in the hand.

May seem expensive but it isn't once you actually see and use it, and it even comes in a box, won't make your flies any better but you will enjoy tying them more.
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