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The TyWheel - Ty Tower Uni-Decker

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From the USA comes a superb new tool - the TYWHEEL TYTOWER UNI DECKER.

The brainchild of two American Fly Tyers - Joe Swisher and Tyler Pettigrew, the TyWheel provides a magnetic work surface that puts your tools, hooks, and materials conveniently in front of you.

The TyTower Uni-Decker is a standalone Single-Level magnetic storage rack, designed to hold up to 4 various TyWheel Attachments at any given time.

It can either be used to store additional attachments that are not currently being used on your TyWheel, or it can be utilised independently from TyWheel as a multifunctional magnetic storage station.

The TyTower Uni-Decker Includes:

  • The base plus shaft
  • Top Medallion
  • Tool Attachment
  • Spool Attachment (w/ 5 brass dowels)
  • Shallow Tray attachment

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