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TYWheel Set

The TyWheel

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From the USA comes a superb new tool - the TYWHEEL.

The brainchild of two American Fly Tyers - Joe Swisher and Tyler Pettigrew, the TyWheel provides a magnetic work surface that puts your tools, hooks, and materials conveniently in front of you.

In addition, modular attachments make your work station customisable to your specific needs. Your vice is instantly converted into a portable fly tying machine you can easily stow and take with you on your trip to the river.

The TyWheel fits on the stem of your vise and essentially acts as a "lazy susan", keeping your materials and tools organised and right at your fingertips.

The TyWheel comes with four removable attachments to allow you to configure the wheel to your specific needs.

The top and bottom surface provides a magnetically charged work surface to keep up with you hooks, beads, tools, finished flies, or any other tying material.

This surface is magnetically charged from a precise layout of magnets within the product that allows you to easily add and remove the various attachments in any order that you desire.

The attachments supplied include: a trash bin, tool slots with holes that can be used for tying tool storage, three shallow trays to hold hooks and beads, and five metal posts that store thread and wire spools vertically or horizontally.

Take a look at the video clip to see the system in action - and how to assemble the TyWheel!

The Complete Set includes the following:

  • The Wheel
  • Tool Attachment
  • Spool Attachment (w/ 5 brass dowels)
  • Trash Attachment
  • Tray Attachment
  • Shaft Collars (2)
  • Hex wrench

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