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The Norvise - STARTER SET

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The Nor-Vise STARTER SET includes the following:


Comes standard with "Small In-Line Jaws" and includes a matching Thread Post, Mounting Bolts, Operating and Set-up instructions, Allan Wrench, and a one hour long professionally produced instructional DVD.


Includes a bobbin holder, three extra spare spools ( 4 in total) and a spooling arbour to help you load your threads.


The most practical method of working with the Norvise is to mount the vice and the bobbin post onto a board – the mounting board has a white melamine surface and is pre drilled for the vice and thread post plus routed on the underside for a waste basket.

I would say that this is probably the best vise on the market. What is not made clear in the latest reviews is that Norman Norlander is both an accomplished Engineer as well as fly tyer, put the two together and you end up with this system. For everyday work the vise is a true rotary where the hook shank rotated around the centre line of the head of the vise, but just as importantly the self wind bobbin holders stay just where you put them. I find that this means amongst other things you can let go the bobbin holder at any time and everything stays put including the bobbin, one or two turns and you can even let go of a hackle. The basic vise set up with a couple of spare spools for the bobbin would be quite sufficient to convince you that this system is not only out of the ordinary, but is so efficient you will put all your other vises away in a dark corner somewhere. The 'mods' that you can get for this vise are also out of this world and will make your tying so much easier. Bite the bullet and try it, I don't think you will be disappointed.
My "Go to" Vice. I have a few. It will do everything all the very much more expensive vices will do and then more. True rotary tying becomes a reality. A bobbin cradle is included as part of the system. I use my 6 year old Norvise daily at my home tying bench, teaching and demonstrating around the country. Never had a problem. It's good value for money. Many of my students have invested in one.
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