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Welcome To The Flytying Boutique ...

bringing you interesting & unusual flytying materials & tools from around the world

UK Home of the NORVISE from America, VEEVUS THREADS & TINSELS from Denmark, GRIP HOOKS from South Africa, DOHIKU HOOKS from Slovakia and many other fine materials and tools.

There are many interesting and unusual products available for fly tying on the market today but until now, a high percentage have only been offered by companies based out of the UK. I have tied flies for a living for a number of years now and have always been fascinated by some of the materials available; but have also had to spend a fortune in postage costs to buy them - and wait for weeks on end sometimes for my purchases to arrive.

The FLYTYING BOUTIQUE has been created to gather many of these products under one roof, offering you the ability to order without high overseas postage costs and postal delays. Please feel free to browse the online shop - I am sure you will find something to interest you and inspire your tying!

Product Of The Week


At last, back in production is NET BACK FOIL.

A clear plastic sheet that has been printed with a net-like pattern - it is perfect for the backs of Czech Nymphs and Shrimps / Scuds as well as wing-cases on many types of nymphs.